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Many patients believe that root canal therapy is painful, but it is actually the infected tooth that is the source of your pain, and root canal therapy is what can alleviate your discomfort. In addition to this, benefits of root canal therapy include preserving the natural tooth structure and eliminating infection that could spread throughout the mouth and body. 

At Charleston Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Charleston, SC, we have an in-house CEREC machine that allows us to fabricate dental crowns. Dr. John F. Rink has advanced training and uses sedation dentistry to ensure a virtually painless experience for our patients

What is root canal therapy and when is it needed?

Root canal therapy is a procedure used to treat infected tooth pulp. The tooth pulp refers to the soft tissues in the center of the tooth, which also contain nerves and blood vessels. This pulp can become infected if a deep cavity goes untreated. Teeth that have suffered damage from an accident or injury can also leave the pulp vulnerable to infection. Dr. John F. Rink has advanced training and uses sedation dentistry to ensure a virtually painless experience for our patients.

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What are the benefits of root canal therapy?

Signs of an infection are often subtle at first, so it is important to receive regular dental exams to ensure any dental infection is promptly treated with a filling or other restorative dentistry treatment. 

Seeking treatment for an infected root canal is beneficial in a number of ways, including:

  • Eliminating the pain and sensitivity caused by the infection
  • Preventing further tooth decay
  • Preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible
  • Avoiding the need for extraction

Thanks to our CEREC technology, root canal therapy no longer requires two separate appointments. Now, after performing the procedure, we can immediately take impressions of the tooth and fabricate a custom ceramic crown. In a matter of minutes, the crown can fit over your tooth, protecting it from damage and bacteria.

What will happen if I do not receive treatment?

There are several potential consequences of not seeking treatment for an infected tooth. You could lose the tooth or need to have it extracted. To preserve your dental function and appearance, you will then need a costly restoration, such as a bridge or implant-supported crown to replace the missing tooth. If decay is allowed to spread unchecked, the infection could spread to your surrounding teeth and gums, wreaking havoc on your oral health.

 It could eventually result in the loss of multiple teeth and a significant loss of bone tissue in the jaw. This could require extensive restorative work to rebuild the jawbone and restore the missing teeth with a bridge or dentures. Worst of all, the blood vessels in your tooth could make it possible for the infection to enter your bloodstream. This places your overall health at risk and could lead to a heart attack or stroke, among other serious, life-threatening complications.

John F. Rink DDS, AAACD

If you have noticed sharp pain in a particular tooth when biting down or have had an increase in sensitivity to hot and cold items, you could have an infected tooth and require root canal therapy. In addition to alleviating this pain, Dr. Rink can help restore your smile to optimal oral health. Contact our office online or call us to schedule an appointment.

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