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Crooked teeth can impact both the health and appearance of your smile. Many patients feel self-conscious about misalignment, but hesitate to consider a long, involved treatment with braces. At Charleston Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, we offer a range of treatments for crooked or gapped teeth, including Invisalign® porcelain veneers, and Instant Orthodontics. Dr. John F. Rink is an accredited cosmetic dentist who can tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs, goals, and budget. During your consultation at our Charleston, SC, office, you can find out more about how to fix crooked teeth. 

Finding the Right Treatment

If you are dissatisfied with your smile due to crooked teeth, the first step is scheduling a consultation at our office. During the appointment, Dr. Rink can examine your smile and discuss your concerns, as well as your preferences and budget. We may also take scans or x-rays of your smile to help us plan your treatment. The right option for you will depend on several factors, including:

  • How quickly you want to see results
  • The extent of misalignment
  • The overall health of your smile
  • Your budget
  • What your insurance covers

We can explain all aspects of your treatment to you and design a personalized plan for your smile. 

The Treatments We Offer


One of the most common alternatives to braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to guide your smile into alignment over the course of several months. This orthodontic treatment is typically more comfortable and convenient than braces. Dr. Rink can use Invisalign to correct mild to moderate misalignment.

Porcelain Veneers

For minor gaps or misalignment, veneers offer a quick solution for enhancing the appearance of your smile. These thin shells of dental ceramic fit over the front surfaces of your teeth to conceal a range of minor cosmetic flaws. With our advanced CEREC® technology, we can design and craft your veneers in a single visit for dramatic results. As an accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rink can provide a wide variety of treatments to help you achieve a beautifully straight smile. 

Instant Orthodontics

This type of procedure uses both veneers and cosmetic dental crowns to achieve the effects of orthodontic treatment without the time investment. We can craft both crowns and veneers in our office with the CEREC system for convenient and affordable treatment. 

Smile Makeovers

Another treatment option we offer at Charleston Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry is a comprehensive smile makeover plan. This allows Dr. Rink to combine a variety of cosmetic procedures into a single plan. By mapping out your entire treatment in advance, a smile makeover can transform all aspects of your smile, including the alignment of your teeth. 

Get Started Today

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. When you feel self-conscious about crooked teeth or other aspects of your smile, it can affect every aspect of your life. Dr. Rink is a skilled cosmetic dentist who has trained extensively in a wide range of procedures. To learn more about fixing your crooked teeth, contact our office today

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