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Gaps between your teeth can make you feel self-conscious. In severe cases, you may even go out of your way to avoid smiling or laughing. Closing gaps between teeth can restore your confidence in your smile. At the Charleston Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Charleston, SC, Dr. John Rink offers a range of treatment options for gapped teeth and can recommend the best solution for your needs. 

What Causes Gapped Teeth?

Gaps can occur due to: 

  • Disproportionately small teeth
  • An overly large jawbone
  • Missing teeth
  • Overly large labial frenum (the tissue band between the lips and gums)
  • Thumb sucking
  • Periodontal disease
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Treatment Options

Depending on the size of the gap, your budget, and a number of other factors, Dr. Rink and his team can recommend a treatment to meet your needs and goals:

  • Dental Bonding: Dental bonding provides an affordable and fast solution to gapped teeth. During this treatment, Dr. Rink uses a malleable, tooth-colored plastic material to close the gap in a way that looks natural.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Designed to mimic the appearance of enamel, these thin porcelain shells are placed on the front of the teeth to conceal a variety of minor cosmetic flaws. We can design veneers to close the gaps between your front teeth.
  • Frenectomy: If a gap is caused by an overly large frenum, it can be corrected with a simple surgery. This option is usually recommended for younger patients whose jaws are still developing and can adjust without guidance after surgery. Adults may need orthodontics or another treatment following frenectomy to close the gap. Closing gaps in your smile can go a long way toward boosting your self-confidence.
John F. Rink DDS, AAACD
  • Instant Orthodontics: This procedure uses a combination of veneers and cosmetic crowns to create the appearance of a straighter smile without the time investment required for orthodontic treatment. With our in-house CEREC® machine, we can create and place these restorations on the same day.
  • Invisalign®: This orthodontic treatment uses a series of clear, removable mouthpieces to gradually realign your teeth and close gaps in your smile.
  • Periodontal Care: If gum disease has resulted in a gap, periodontal treatment is necessary to restore your oral health before pursuing other solutions.
  • Dental Bridges: If you are missing one or more teeth, they can be replaced with a bridge. Traditional bridges consist of one or more replacement teeth supported on either side by dental crowns. We also provide dental implant-supported bridges.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants replace lost tooth roots and provide support for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Closing a gap in your smile with an implant-supported restoration not only eliminates the need to crown healthy teeth, but also prevents the bone recession that follows tooth loss.

Is Treatment Really Necessary?

Gaps caused by missing teeth can lead to other oral health issues, making treatment essential. However, many people are embarrassed by gaps in their smile that have no effect on oral health, and they choose to pursue treatment for cosmetic reasons. 

Closing the Gaps in your Smile

Closing gaps in your smile can go a long way toward boosting your self-confidence. If you are self-conscious about gaps in your smile and are considering treatment options, reach out to us online or contact our office for a free consultation.

John F. Rink DDS, AAACD

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