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Dr. Rink knows that creating a beautiful, radiant smile requires careful planning and execution, and for this reason he is passionate about incorporating the latest advancements in digital imaging software.

After Dr. Rink has collected details information through the consultation process, including photographs and scans, he enters these into the 3Shape Smile Design program to create a 3D visual interpretation of the patient’s mouth, along with their other features. He can then focus on perfecting the aesthetics of your smile, creating a visually-pleasing, predictable and approved result.

Tooth diagram

What are the benefits of 3Shape Smile Design?

  • See smile before treatment – Allows the client to foresee their results, giving them greater confidence and security in their dental procedure.
  • Increased communication – With a visual aid, dentists and patients are on the same page regarding expectations and concerns.
  • Facial feature recognition – The software acknowledges the entire face and all the features, providing a more holistic, integrated outcome.
  • Improved aesthetics – With more precision and accuracy comes a better final appearance.
  • Greater predictability – Results are more streamlined, with no surprises.
  • Ease of production – Connects with resource libraries and dental manufacturers, creating an easy-to-use workflow.
  • Intuitive design – Creates customized products in the lab with innovative CAD software.
  • Easy to catch mistakes – The program speeds up production times by reducing errors. Inspection tools are easy to navigate and control.

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