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Primescan offers Dr. Rink the capability of performing accurate, quick digital scans that are then used to create high-quality restorations and other cosmetic dental solutions. With its easy to use touchscreen, this software is highly intuitive and allows Dr. Rink the greatest degree of flexibility when dealing with 3D models. The scanner is small and lightweight, increasing patient comfort.

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What are the benefits of Primescan?

  • Accuracy and precision – Primescan creates more reliable results than traditional scanning methods. It reaches into hard-to-see places and gathers high-resolution images.
  • Speed of execution – Primescan captures images faster, so data can be analyzed quicker. This speeds up procedure time so patients can return to their normal routines sooner. Same-day solutions are made a reality.
  • Hygiene – Primescan protects patients from infection by offering disposable sleeves.
  • Integration – Primescan is fully integrated with third party applications including the dental lab and 3D milling machines, sleep apnea machines, and many other partners.
  • User-friendly – Primescan has an anti-reflection touchscreen, a smooth touchpad, an anti-fog heater, a full day battery pack, a motion sensor, and many other attributes that make it among the best devices for the 21st century.
  • Realistic color – Primescan captures precise colors so Dr. Rink can match your tooth shade for a more natural-looking result.

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