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The all-on-four system surgically replaces all four quadrants of the mouth with manufactured teeth. This is a great solution for those Charleston patients requiring dentures or currently using dentures. Call us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rink and find out how the all-on-four system can help create a winning smile.

What are all-on-four prosthetics?

The innovative all-on-four technique for dental implants uses a full dental bridge supported by four implants to replace all teeth in the upper and lower mouth. The need for a bone graft is eradicated with all-on-four, allowing you to regain your smile with minimal discomfort and treatment time.

What are the benefits of all-on-four?

  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Stabilizes the bone, no bone grafts required
  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved confidence

What can I expect from my procedure?

Dr. Rink will first perform x-rays and imaging to evaluate your dental structures and take stock of any bone loss. He will then use 3D imaging to create a customized mold of your teeth, which will then inspire a prosthetic shaped to your anatomical measurements. 

Next Dr. Rink will perform surgery to place your implants. You will receive ample pain medications so the experience is as comfortable as possible. All-on-four boasts a rapid healing time.

Who makes a good candidate?

If you require a new set of teeth, or are suffering from broken or decayed teeth, all-on-four dental implants could be a great solution for your needs. Dr. Rink will meet with you in the privacy of his Charleston offices to perform a physical evaluation and can then determine if all-on-four is the best treatment for your condition.

How should I care for my new implants?

All-on-four will act just like regular teeth, so you will just need to follow a normal hygiene routine, brushing and flossing twice a day and attending check-ups with the dentist as needed. The implants will appear totally natural and life-like. Additionally, you will retain the majority of your bite power, so you can continue enjoying all your favorite foods.

John F. Rink DDS, AAACD

Why choose Dr. Rink in Charleston?

Dr. Rink’s patients are clients of all backgrounds and ages who prefer a spa-like luxury environment to a doctor's office. We provide a host of comforting amenities such as warm blankets and mittens, soothing oils and lotions, noise canceling headphones, and 3D eyeglasses that project a catalog of enjoyable films. These extras go a long way in setting anxious clients at ease so they can actually enjoy their dental experience and walk away with a fabulous smile and peace of mind.

Our offices boast the very latest in innovative, cutting edge technology including CEREC, digital cosmetic imaging, and sedation dentistry. From TMJ therapy and oral health to restorations and prosthetics, Dr. Rink is in a class of his own when it comes to outstanding client care.

I've been a patient here for 14 years. Dr. Rink is more than a dentist to me... he's family. His staff is stellar and they make you feel like you're the only patient in the building. If you're looking for a practice with all of the latest technology and a practitioner who can transform your smile, you've come to the right place. Love you Dr. Rink!

M. Pittman

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To Our Family of Patients,

After much thought and concern for the health of our patients and team, I would like to share with you my thoughts on how the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States can best be managed at our practice. The key issue is prevention. Social distancing is the best solution at this time to prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore, in conjunction with the South Carolina Dental Association recommendations, I have decided to close our normal practice operation with the exception of emergency and urgent care situations, through the end of March, 2020. I will be available for you and your family for emergency and urgent needs. Please call my personal cell phone if you have any questions or if you need an office visit. I am here for you.

After we have weathered this storm, we will be here to see that you continue to have the excellent care that you and your families deserve. We thank you for the trust that you place in our practice. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship in the future.

My cell phone number: 843-224-0517

To Your Good Oral and Systemic Health!

- Dr. John F. Rink, DDS, AAACD

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