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The TRIOS intraoral scanner is a flexible, wireless device that allows Dr. Rink to digitally scan patient’s teeth with less discomfort and greater accuracy. This is just one more example of Dr. Rink’s commitment to harboring the most advanced technology on the market, helping to reduce patient anxiety and shave time off the treatment duration so clients can get out of the office faster and return to their normal routines.

What are the benefits of the TRIOS scanner?

  • Precision and accuracy – The TRIOS scanner makes more accurate impressions than can be accomplished in traditional ways, delivering near-perfect restorations that are customized to the client.
  • Rapid treatment times – The TRIOS scanner can help speed up the dental process and create same-day solutions so you can get back to enjoying your life.
  • Vibrant colors – The dentist can more accurately match your teeth’s shade for restorations.
  • Client interaction – The TRIOS scanner helps engage patients in their own treatment plan, increasing the possibilities for future prevention of oral conditions.
  • Integration – The TRIOS scanner can easily integrate with third party systems, such as sleep apnea equipment, 3D milling machines and more.

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