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Protect Your Smile from Cavities with a Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is proven to fortify teeth against the bacteria that lead to decay. Although teeth are exposed to small amounts of fluoride in most tap water, many foods, and other everyday sources, a fluoride treatment in our office can help to provide more substantial protection for your teeth. At the Charleston Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Charleston, SC, Dr. John Rink offers fluoride treatments to our pediatric patients as well as adults to help maintain excellent oral health. During a routine exam at our office, your dentist can help you decide if this beneficial general dentistry treatmentis right for you or your child.

The Importance of Fluoride

Every day, the enamel (outer layer) of your teeth loses and gains minerals. Demineralization (loss of minerals) occurs when bacteria in your mouth produce acid, which weakens your teeth. Remineralization, in contrast, refers to the process by which minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate are deposited into your teeth. Ideally, these two processes balance each other. When too many minerals are lost without remineralization, enamel weakens and can lead to tooth decay. In more severe cases, it can result in tooth loss.

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Advantages of In-Office Treatment

In-office treatments contain more fluoride than over-the-counter mouthwash or toothpaste. These treatments also have longer-lasting effects. While these treatments are typically recommended for children, anyone with a high risk for tooth decay can benefit from one of our in-office procedures. Insurance plans usually cover or contribute to the cost of fluoride treatment for patients under the age of 18.

Though adult patients usually must pay for fluoride treatments out of pocket, they can be an incredibly economical choice considering the painful symptoms and costly treatments such as endodontic therapy and dental restorations they can help you to avoid.

If everyday at-home brushing and flossing are failing to prevent cavities, a professional fluoride treatment can help reduce your risk of tooth decay.

A Simple Way to Maintain Your Smile

Before you receive an in-office fluoride treatment, one of our dentists will ensure your teeth are clean. Fluoride is applied as a gel, a foam, or a varnish as part of your regular teeth cleaning appointment. When gel or foam is used, it is applied with a tray for one to four minutes. Fluoride varnish is painted directly on the areas of the teeth that are likely to develop a cavity. You should refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking for at least 30 minutes after a professional treatment to help keep the fluoride on your teeth and maximize its effectiveness.

Protect Your Teeth

Fluoride should be part of everyone’s oral hygiene routine. Using a fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash can strengthen your teeth and preserve your smile. But if everyday at-home brushing and flossing are failing to prevent cavities, a professional fluoride treatment can help reduce your risk of tooth decay. Call our office at 843.428.8734 or contact us online to schedule your fluoride treatment today.

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