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Dr. Rink insists on being at the forefront of modern cosmetic dentistry, and is frequently found at industry trade shows, conferences, seminars and networking events educating himself on technological advancements that can help improve his patients’ quality of life.

Digital impressions allow the dentist to create a 3D model of the mouth that can be manipulated on the computer. A scanner is used to gather information about the hard and soft tissues, and this input is captured in mere seconds. There is no longer a need for messy impression materials that cause discomfort or inconvenience for the patient.


What are the benefits of digital impressions?

  • Cleaner and more comfortable – A digital scan takes just seconds and is easy and convenient for the client. There is no biting onto foul-tasting materials or having to deal with messy cleanup.
  • Precision and accuracy – Digital impressions capture high resolution images quickly and accurately, leading to more reliable results that match with patient expectations. Restorations fit better as well.
  • Speed – Digital impressions take less time to create, and speed up the entire dental process so patients can go home sooner.
  • Environmental health – Digital impressions are eco-friendly, eradicating the need for plastic trays and traditional impression materials.
  • Reduction in patient anxiety levels – Digital impressions create less hassle for the patient, so they feel calmer. The whole process of gathering images is easy and comfortable.
  • Improved engagement – Clients tend to be more engaged with newer technology because they have an easy visual aid they can relate to while in the dentist chair. This sense of engagement can help promote improved prevention of oral conditions.
  • Improved record keeping – Digital scan information can be stored electronically, freeing up shelf space at the office and protecting the environment from excess paper waste.

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