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Implant-supported Dentures are a Superior Solution

If you are missing teeth or suffering with an ill-fitting denture, implant-supported dentures can be an ideal solution. Our Charleston, SC, dental practice provides beautiful dental implant restorations that look and feel very similar to your natural teeth. Most importantly, they also function just like natural teeth.

With custom implant dentures, you need never worry about your restorations slipping out of place as you chew or speak. Find out more by scheduling a personal appointment with Dr. John Rink.

Dental Implants Make the Difference

Surgically placed in the jawbone, dental implants are designed to replace lost tooth roots. Made of titanium, implant posts can last for decades or even a lifetime. The implants support custom-made prosthetic teeth, creating the ultimate anchor for these restorations.

A single dental implant can hold a dental crown, or a few implants can support a dental bridge to replace several teeth. A full row of dentures is generally secured with six to eight implants. In addition to increased stability, implants provide proven oral health benefits. Implants are the only way to halt jawbone atrophy, a side-effect of tooth loss.

About Implant-supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures resolve many problems associated with traditional denture appliances. Firmly attached to implants, the prosthetic teeth form a tight line against the gums. There is no concern about food particles becoming stuck between the dentures and gums. Meanwhile, thanks to the incredible stability of these dentures, you are free to enjoy any and all foods, from beef jerky to crisp apples.

Custom implant dentures also provide unparalleled aesthetic beauty. Designed to fit and flatter your face, they eliminate sunken areas, adding contour to your lips, chin, and jawline. The luminous porcelain mimics the look of natural teeth enamel, and comes in a wide variety of shades to complement your complexion.

John F. Rink DDS, AAACD

Receiving Implant-supported Dentures

The first step in the implants process is an exam and imaging tests to determine your candidacy for the procedure. A specific degree of jaw bone density is required to securely hold the implants in place. Some patients may require pre-placement bone grafting surgery, which adds volume and strength to the jaw.

Using computerized measurement technologies, Dr. Rink prepares a custom plan for your implants, determining the best placement to secure your dentures. Dr. Rink can perform necessary extractions and provide temporary dentures to wear as you heal following implant surgery. Recovery generally takes three to six months.

When your gums are healed, he will attach abutments to the implants. The permanent dentures will be specially designed to attach to these abutments. Once in place, they will allow you to enunciate with clarity, chew any foods you like, and smile with total confidence.

Contact the Practice

Our dentist specializes in implant planning and restoration, and is known for his meticulous work and incredible results. Dr. Rink receives many referrals from local implantologists and other dentists. Contact us today to learn more about how his excellence in implant dentistry can benefit you.

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- Dr. John F. Rink, DDS, AAACD

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