Porcelain Veneers

Chips, stains, or misshapen teeth can make you feel shy about sharing your smile. 

Dr. John Rink offers prep-less porcelain veneers so you can leave with a beautifully enhanced smile ​after a single visit.

Learn why patients throughout Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC. improve their smiles with veneers

With Porcelain Veneers,  You Can Experience...

Natural-Looking Results

Made of translucent porcelain, every veneer is designed to blend with your smile seamlessly. 


With proper care, a porcelain veneer can last more than 10 years.

Many Applications

Veneers can address a wide variety of cosmetic flaws, including cracks, chips, misshapen teeth, discoloration, and even minor misalignment. 

Let's take a closer look at what veneers can conceal...

Porcelain Veneers  Can Enhance Teeth that Are: 


Tell me more about what veneers are made of...

Thin, Semi-Translucent Ceramic Shells

Porcelain veneers offer a fast, natural-looking solution to small chips and cracks, spacing issues, and discoloration. These thin, custom-made porcelain shells attach directly to the tooth, concealing imperfections. Veneers are often compared to the thickness of a contact lens or an eggshell.

Many people feel self-conscious about their teeth...

Cosmetic Dental Treatment  Is Extremely Popular

Porcelain Veneers: Conceal Imperfections in Your Smile

If minor imperfections in your teeth make you reluctant to smile, Dr. John Rink provides porcelain veneers at his Charleston practice serving Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Dr. Rink takes an individualized, minimalist approach to this solution, aiming for maximum results with the fewest veneers necessary. However, if you wish to achieve a picture-perfect Hollywood smile, Dr. Rink can help you create precisely the smile you desire within the constraints of your budget. To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers and how it can enhance your smile, contact our Charleston office today

Types of Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Rink offers the two primary varieties of veneers: those that require preparation of the tooth, and those that do not. An in-depth consultation can determine your dental veneer candidacy and which variety will best meet your needs. Whenever possible, Dr. Rink prefers to provide veneers that require no preparation (removal of tooth enamel). The more structure a tooth retains, the stronger it will be. A well-made porcelain veneer bonded to a fully in-tact tooth can last 20 years or more with attentive care. Another advantage to this option is that if you no longer wish to wear the veneer, it can be removed, and your natural tooth will require no further treatment.

On the other hand, if a tooth undergoes preparation for a traditional veneer, the patient must wear a veneer or other restoration for the rest of their lives. In some cases, however, a traditional veneer is the best option. If a tooth is positioned too far forward, or is abnormally large, removal of some tooth structure will result in a more natural appearance. Dr. Rink is committed to providing treatments tailored specifically to his patients' individual needs, and he can help you decide which treatment will achieve the best results.

CEREC Technology 

We create our veneers using advanced CEREC technology. A digital impression of your tooth is transmitted to a special computer, which guides a milling machine in creating your custom veneer from a single block of porcelain. This same computer-aided drafting/computer-aided manufacturing technology has been used in industrial applications for decades. Now, it can help you receive your custom veneer in as little as one visit (if you require several veneers, this process may take a few days). The unique thing about CEREC technology is that it allows our practice to both design and fabricate a dental veneer in-office. We no longer have to send out a mold to a dental laboratory in order to have a prosthetic crafted; with this chairside restoration, we can provide our patients with quicker, more convenient, more personalized treatment.



If you require a traditional veneer, the process begins with the removal of a small portion of the tooth's front surface, roughly equal to the thickness of an eggshell. This provides space for the veneer and creates a suitable bonding surface (if your veneer requires no preparation, this step is omitted). Next, a digital impression is taken of the tooth being treated, and transmitted to the CEREC system. With this impression, we can design a dental veneer that will fit uniformly in the mouth and help you realize your aesthetic goals. When the veneer is complete, it will be tested in to ensure a proper fit. Dr. Rink will make any necessary adjustments and verify that the color is correct. Finally, the veneer is bonded to the tooth with dental cement.



Veneers are a highly personalized treatment, and cost can vary greatly from case to case depending on several factors. Veneers are an elective procedure that is not covered by insurance plans, but we accept credit cards and offer convenient payment plans that make this treatment affordable on virtually any budget.

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