Learn the Criteria that Determine Candidates for Dental Crowns

Many people consider their smile to be one of their most important physical features. Teeth that are damaged due to injury or decay can have a negative impact not only on your oral health, but also your overall appearance. Thankfully, you can turn to Dr. John Rink to craft and place a customized crown that fortifies damaged teeth and restores the beauty of your smile. Crowns are tooth-shaped restorations which cover and protect the entire visible portion of a tooth. To find out if a dental crown is the right treatment for you, contact our office today. During your consultation, you can learn more about candidates for dental crowns, and why so many patients trust Charleston Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry with their smiles.

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A dental crown can be used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes.

Cosmetic and Restorative Candidates

Porcelain crowns are a versatile treatment that is used for restorative and cosmetic dentistry purposes. To restore a tooth, first its unhealthy portion will be removed. After the tooth has been reshaped to accommodate the restoration, a porcelain crown can be fitted over its structure to enhance function, strength, and aesthetics. Crowns are used to anchor traditional bridges, which replace missing teeth, or top a dental implant. Crowns can also be used to cover cosmetic imperfections that cannot be addressed with other cosmetic dentistry options. You may be a great candidate for a dental crown if you have:

  • A tooth that has been weakened by decay or trauma, that is no longer structurally stable.
  • Moderate to advanced tooth decay that cannot be effectively treated with a dental filling.
  • A missing tooth that will be restored with a dental implant or bridge.
  • A tooth with compromised oral function, making it difficult to speak, drink, or eat.
  • Cracks, chips, or fractures in a tooth resulting from an injury.
  • Cosmetic imperfections such as misshapen or worn down teeth.
  • Intrinsic tooth discoloration or staining that does not respond to teeth whitening.

The porcelain that is used to craft our crowns is superior in strength and appearance, offering durability and a life-like sparkle. Your crown will blend in undetectably with your natural teeth, so people will not notice your dental work – only how attractive your smile is.

Candidates for Convenient Same-day Crowns

Most crown candidates qualify for same-day crowns. Dr. Rink's state-of-the-art CERC® machine can create your crown while you wait, allowing you to undergo the entire procedure in a single office visit. After alterations to fit the restoration are complete, digital impressions will be taken of your tooth. These impressions are then fed directly into the machine, and it used to mill your customized crown in a matter of minutes. While you wait, you can relax in our office or run a quick errand. Once ready, your crown will be fitted carefully over your tooth, and secured in place to complement your natural bite pattern. Your crown will immediately restore function and aesthetics.

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Patients who need to improve their oral health and appearance can learn more about whether a crown is right for them during a consultation. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.

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