Get Teeth up to Ten Shades Whiter with Zoom!2® Teeth Whitening

By John Rink DDS on May 15, 2014

Zoom!2® Teeth Whitening TechniqueMany people seek out the ideal smile but find it hard to achieve. Even when there is not an obvious cosmetic flaw, many find that the smile appears dull or bland. Often, by simply brightening the color of the teeth, patients are amazed by the dramatic and brilliant appearance that is achieved. As a cosmetic dentist offering many health and aesthetic enhancing treatments, Dr. John Rink is a proud proponent of Zoom!2® teeth whitening treatment. For his Charleston patients, Zoom!2® teeth whitening offers effective results that can be safely achieved in as little as one dental appointment of roughly an hour in length. This teeth whitening technique offers dramatic and long-lasting results that leave patients happier with the appearance of their smile.

The Zoom!2® Technique

One of the reasons for the popularity of Zoom!2® is that it allows patients to achieve professional teeth whitening that leaves the teeth up to ten shades whiter in just under an hour. In addition to the effectiveness of treatment, this technique is completely safe and considered by most dentists to be the safest and least invasive cosmetic treatment available. Zoom!2® teeth whitening treatment employs a special technique and advanced dental technology to ensure that patients receive the most out of treatment.

At the beginning of treatment, a special guard is placed in the mouth to ensure that the whitening gel remains concentrated on the teeth, protecting the soft tissues of the mouth to avoid any damage or long-term side effects. With the guard in place, Dr. Rink applies a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth. The teeth are then exposed to a blue spectrum light that activates the whitening power of the gel. The teeth remain directly exposed to this light for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the teeth are rinsed clean and a new layer of whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. The light is placed over the teeth for another fifteen minutes. This cycle is repeated for a total of three times. Immediately following treatment, patients will notice that the teeth are significantly whiter and color will continue to improve for the next several days following treatment. Although results vary by patient, the average patient will benefit from teeth that are between nine and 12 shades whiter when treatment is complete.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of Zoom!2® teeth whitening are known to be very long-lasting. In fact, while the whiteness of the teeth may fade over time, with proper care, the teeth should always remain whiter and brighter than they were before treatment. There are techniques that can be taken in order to extend the results of treatment. The following tips can help patients keep teeth white and free of stains:

  • Avoid deeply colored foods and beverages, especially in the first several days following teeth whitening treatment
  • When indulging in beverages such as wine, which are dark in color and acidic, do not brush the teeth immediately after consumption, as the enamel will be vulnerable, instead drink water or rinse the mouth
  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits which should include regular brushing, flossing, and dental exams and cleanings
  • Use at-home touch up kits to keep the teeth bright

Schedule an Appointment

Professional teeth whitening can erase deep-set stains and improve the color of the teeth to enhance the overall appearance of the smile. To learn more about available teeth whitening treatment options, schedule an appointment with Dr. John Rink at your earliest convenience. Just about any patient is a good candidate and can experience the benefits of teeth whitening.

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