Children's Dentistry Services

By John Rink DDS on April 01, 2013

Charleston Pediatric DentistryDental care should be a vital part of maintaining good oral health, but many people avoid it due to fear of the dentist. At Dr. John F. Rink’s Charleston cosmetic dentistry practice, we believe that a good way to avoid dental anxiety is by creating a positive relationship with the dentist from the beginning. That is why we take special care when working with children. At our Charleston practice, we want quality pediatric dentistry to be provided in an environment that feels safe and secure for children. We believe that by creating this positive relationship with children, we can help foster a lifetime of proper oral health maintenance. Dr. Rink provides children’s dentistry services to meet both the general and restorative needs that may come up for these young patients.

General Pediatric Dentistry Services

General dentistry includes the routine dental care that helps maintain oral health and prevent severe dental problems from developing. For children, general dentistry not only educates children on proper cleaning and maintenance of the teeth, but it is also a good way to create a comfortable relationship with the dentist by maintaining a routine appointment schedule. In pediatric dentistry, there are two main aspects to general dental services.

  1. Cleanings and exams: It is important for children to have the teeth examined and cleaned at least twice yearly. These routine appointments allow Dr. Rink to look for signs of any developing oral health problems. Because children are still establishing good oral hygiene habits, these cleanings also allow us to thoroughly clean the teeth and help in the prevention of tooth decay.
  2. Education: We believe that an equally important part of general dentistry for children is education. During these early years, it is important to educate children on proper oral hygiene habits as well as the importance of maintaining a regular oral health routine. We teach these habits in a manner that is friendly and age-appropriate so that children do not feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

Restorative Pediatric Dentistry Services

As children learn the proper techniques for caring for the teeth, it is not uncommon for restorative dentistry services to be required. When restorative care is necessary, Dr. Rink takes special care to ensure that the child feels safe and comfortable throughout treatment. For children, the most commonly performed restorative dental treatments include,

  • Dental fillings: Because children are still learning how to clean the teeth, tooth decay is the most common dental problem we see in children. In most cases, Dr. Rink can treat tooth decay with a simple dental filling. A dental filling replaces lost tooth enamel and seals off the tooth.
  • Dental crowns: For children in Charleston, dental crowns are often required due to an injury or accident, although they may be necessary for severe tooth decay as well. Dental crowns encase a badly damaged tooth to restore its strength so that it can function as usual.

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Bringing your child to the dentist does not have to be cause for anxiety. Dr. John F. Rink takes pride in providing patients with quality dental care in a family friendly environment. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rink at your earliest convenience to begin a lifetime of dental care for your child.

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