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By on December 08, 2009

Demystifying Professional Teeth Whitening Methods


Professional teeth whitening is the most common and sought after cosmetic dentistry service in the United States. From younger to older persons, everyone wants to have a youthful, perfect smile. Professional teeth whitening allows people to see almost instant results without having to do much to their teeth; however, some people wonder about the health risks of this service.  From the chemicals to the ultra-violet light, how much do people really need to worry? It’s important for everyone to check with the dentist performing the procedure about the risks, but most data available supports teeth whitening as a relatively safe procedure presenting minimal risks. 


What are the Risks?


Some are fearful of teeth whitening because they fear it may be linked to oral cancers.  Research has shown, however, that the risk of getting such a disease because of the chemicals or lighting used is very low.  There appears to be no direct link between the two. In fact, the most common bleaching agent used in the process is peroxide, which is carefully controlled by the dentist during application. Home kits also utilize peroxide in very low levels.  Research has shown that the amount of saliva in a typical patient is enough to neutralize the ill effects of the chemical. 


Does Whitening Weaken Your Teeth?


There is no proof that professional teeth whitening weakens teeth. There are quite a few ways to whiten the teeth today which are quite gentle, such as chemical-based, mild-acid whitening as well as laser whitening treatments.  Although there may be annoying side effects like sensitivity of the teeth and gums, these are typically temporary and go away within a few days.  Most people put up with this for brighter smile over the long-term.


When in Doubt, Ask Your Dentist


Your dentist should be your primary resource for any questions you may have on cosmetic dental procedures. Most misconceptions and myths about teeth whitening come from misinformation and fear--typically from those who don’t frequent dentists regularly. If you’re not using your primary dentist for your professional teeth whitening service, be sure to consult with a number of competent cosmetic dentists before making your final decision--as this is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. After all, your teeth represent you whenever you smile.    

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