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MALE VOICE: Vision, spirit, creativity, forces that drive discovery and innovation, forces at work in American industry, improving life today, inspiring promise tomorrow. [Music] MALE VOICE: The dental practice of Dr. John Rink not only wants to help you achieve fantastic results, but also wants to ensure your treatment experience is comfortable and rewarding from beginning to end. For this reason, their well trained and caring staff offers the very latest in patient amenities, state of the art technologies, and dental techniques all carefully selected with their patients in mind. DR. JOHN F. RINK: We have a very capable and enthusiastic staff, they have been in dentistry for a number of years, mainly because they love dentistry and together with the experience that they have and combined with the experience they are able to provide for patients, our patients can expect a wonderful experience, one that is unmatched in modern dentistry. [Music] FEMALE VOICE 1: Are you comfortable? FEMALE VOICE 2: Yes. FEMALE VOICE 1: Good. FEMALE VOICE 2: Thank you. MALE VOICE: Dr. Rink and his staff know that for many people visiting the dentist can be a stressful and anxiety filled experience that is why they do everything in their power to help you relax and enjoy the time you spend in their office. DR. JOHN F. RINK: The amenities we offer for our patients include virtual reality glasses so our patients can view movies during procedures, we also have hand massages, we provide our patients with warmed mitts for their hands that keep them nice, and toasty, and comfortable during procedures, we also have a massage chair where our patients can dial in their own personal massage. All of these things add up to make an experience that is much more comfortable for out patients. [Music] MALE VOICE: The dental practice of Dr. John Rink blends art and science to achieve dramatically beautiful dentistry in a spa like atmosphere. DR. JOHN F. RINK: Dentistry is a very comfortable experience for our patients today. With our amenities it makes the patients able to relax and I think that is going to be an increasing part of our practice in the future, a more comfortable, efficient experience for our patients today. With our amenities it makes the patients able to relax and I think that is going to be an increasing part of our practice in the future, a more comfortable, efficient experience for our patients. MALE VOICE: If you have stained, chipped, gapping, or baldy misaligned teeth you will be surprised how easy it is to have the smile you have always wanted. FEMALE VOICE: I have taken care of all of the health concerns that I had with my teeth and I just wanted to have a brighter smile, more proportionate smile, and Dr. Rink told me about porcelain veneers. It was a short process, within three sessions I had a perfect smile that I am happy with everyday I look in the mirror. MALE VOICE: Combining state of the art technology with the latest in aesthetic dental procedures including easy single visit crowns and veneers, Dr. John Rink and his staff will produce astonishing results. DR. JOHN F. RINK: Computer technology enables us to preview our results before we ever initiate therapy now a days, also our technology enables us to make teeth instantaneously on the same day that they have a procedure. So our crown can be done in as little as two hours. MALE VOICE: Some friends recommended Dr. Rink, I was what he had done for them, I was impressed, I came to see him and what I like and I was satisfied 100% with the results, was that it was so subtle that no one knew what I had done and I was completely satisfied with the results. MALE VOICE: You owe it to yourself to find out what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile. Take the first step and contact the practice of Dr. John Rink today. [Music] DR. JOHN F. RINK: I think cosmetic dentistry is absolutely necessary to anyone contemplating or having a makeover, including plastic surgery. The dentistry is so important in developing the first impression. So much can be understood about a patients socioeconomic background as well as their overall general health based on the way their teeth look. FEMALE VOICE: I am a dental hygienist and I work in a different office. I worked for a periodontist and I had a patient one day that was also a patient of Dr. Rinks. Her porcelain veneers were beautiful, and I asked her about the procedure, and was really impressed with it, and then I called Dr. Rink to have an appointment with him to see about porcelain veneers for myself, and I had the procedure done, and I am extremely happy with it. DR. JOHN F. RINK: The experience of our patients today is on of comfort and relaxation and I see that continuing in the future. Additionally, I see more efficient procedures that will enable our patients to achieve their results in a shorter period of time.

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