Ultra-thin Porcelain Veneers


To give you the best results possible, we use beautiful, thin porcelain veneers at our Charleston practice serving Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach.

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DR. JOHN F. RINK: The porcelain veneers that we do here in our office primarily are ultra-thin porcelain veneers. These porcelain veneers are very thin, therefore preserving the maximum amount of a patients tooth. Any changes that we plan on making in the smile we do in the diagnostic wax up and then transfer that information into the patient’s mouth. Before we do any shaping of their teeth we make sure we have the smile as good as it can be. From that point we prepare the teeth to receive the veneers. Out ultra-thin veneers are between 3/10 and 5/10 of a millimeter which are very, very thin. But once those thin veneers are bonded to the enamel of a patients tooth it becomes very strong and in some cases, some studies support a 20-year life expectancy in those restorations. Our porcelain veneers are fabricated by Jerome Mcinnis [phonetic] at Low Country Aesthetics. Jerome Mcinnis is one of the top five technicians in the United States. Jerome and I have worked very closely for 15-years to develop an ultra-thin technique that incorporates beauty, aesthetics, and maximum preservation of our patients tooth structure. With Jerome’s expertise and talent we can make smiles that look very natural and are very pleasing to the eye.

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