Prep-Less Veneers

Stains, gaps, and damage can compromise the appearance of an otherwise healthy smile and cause you to feel self-conscious. 

Dr. John Rink provides prep-less veneers that can be designed and placed in a single appointment, with little or no enamel removal required.

So why should I consider prep-less porcelain veneers? 

Create Your Ideal Smile  In a Single Day

Same-Day Treatment

Our office is equipped with CEREC® technology, allowing us to design and place your veneers in one appointment.

Dramatic Enhancement

The porcelain used to create your prep-less veneers provides flattering, yet natural-looking results.

Conservative Treatment

Prep-less veneers require very little, if any, alteration to the tooth before placement, preserving more dental tissue than standard porcelain veneers.

Strong Materials

Same-day veneers are created using a strong dental-grade porcelain that can last many years. 

Reversible Treatment

Since few, if any, alterations are made to the tooth, treatment is reversible.

So how do prep-less veneers work? 

Long-Lasting Results

Found in studies taken over periods ranging from five to 20 years. 

According to the Journal of Osseointegration

Why should I choose Dr. Rink to perform my treatment? 

Skilled, Compassionate Care

"Dr. Rink is great and I strongly recommend him. He is highly skilled, very competent, caring, and concerned." Roberta G.

Excellent Results By an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist 

Dr. John Rink is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® who has undergone extensive training. Over the last two decades, Dr. Rink has performed thousands of porcelain veneer treatments, and has more experience placing prep-less veneers than any other provider in Charleston. Dr. Rink has a passion for cosmetic dentistry and is very detail-oriented. He personally hand-finishes each prep-less veneer to provide you with results that complement your features and meet your goals.
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Do prep-less veneers really look natural?

How are prep-less veneers created so quickly?

Using Advanced Technology to Create Same-Day Veneers

Dr. Rink has invested in CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology to provide patients with high-quality dental solutions in a fraction of the time normally required. This tool uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology to create custom veneers based on digital impressions. This process uses high-quality porcelain, so you do not have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Dr. Rink has helped many patients achieve outstanding results with prep-less veneers. 


What is this treatment like?

What to Expect During Your Prep-less Veneers Treatment

Alterations & Impressions

To begin, the doctor will make minor alterations to the tooth, if necessary. He will then take digital impressions of the tooth.


You and Dr. Rink will use software to customize the size, shape, and shade of your veneers.

Preview Your Results

Dr. Rink will create a 3-D printed model of your veneers for you to try on. He can then make adjustments according to your feedback.


The approved prototype design will then be scanned into the system. Typically, fabrication of veneers using CEREC takes about one hour.

Final Touches

Dr. Rink will then personally finish each veneer with his own hands, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards.

What does veneer placement look like? 

A Convenient, Durable Treatment

Prep-less veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. These translucent shells mimic the look and sheen of natural tooth enamel, while covering stains, chips, and other minor aesthetic imperfections.

This type of veneer can often be applied in just one simple visit. Since they require little to no alteration, patients may choose to remove their prep-less veneers without the need for another treatment, usually restorations, to strengthen the affected teeth. With proper care, your custom-crafted prep-less veneers could last up to 20 years.

Prep-less veneers can improve the appearance of your smile without impacting healthy teeth.

The Placement Process

During your first prep-less veneers visit, Dr. Rink will assess your candidacy for treatment, explain the process, and take digital impressions of your teeth. If you are having a small number of veneers placed, you will simply relax in the waiting room while our advanced in-office CERC® machine crafts your restorations, customizing them to fit the shade and shape of your smile. If you are having several veneers placed, this fabrication process may take a few days, and you will return for a second visit for your veneer placement.

Once your ultra-thin veneers are ready, a very light etching will be made on the front of the teeth to facilitate bonding. Next, the veneers will be carefully attached to the teeth in a process that takes just minutes. Your prep-less veneers will be fully functional after they are applied, and you can leave our office confident in your beautiful smile.

Determining Your Candidacy

Most patients with good oral health are candidates for prep-less veneers. The procedure can quickly and easily address a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. People who require traditional veneers or another type of treatment may be patients who:

  • Have severely cracked or worn-down teeth - In this case, more substantial restorative treatments that reinforce or replace damaged teeth, such as dental crowns, may be needed.
  • Are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment - Although veneers can correct slight misalignment, veneers are not compatible with future orthodontic treatment, which may be recommended for some patients.
  • Have teeth that are very close together or overlap - In such cases, tooth alteration may be required to accommodate the veneers, making patients better candidates for traditional veneers.

I'm ready to find out if prep-less veneers are right for me...

The Choice Cosmetic Dentist in Charleston

Dr. Rink provides advanced cosmetic and restorative care focused on your satisfaction. His practice stands apart because Dr. Rink:

  • Is accredited by the AACD®
  • Uses digital imaging to provide exceptional results
  • Has completed extensive training in advanced restorative esthetics
  • Takes part in continuing education to constantly refine his approach

If you are dissatisfied with your smile, contact us online or call us today at (843) 766-1132 to schedule your consultation. 

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