Instant Orthodontics Can Quickly and Conveniently Rejuvenate Your Entire Smile

Misaligned or gapped teeth can throw off the balance of your entire smile. Traditionally, aligning teeth requires orthodontic treatment that takes an average of 12 to 18 months to complete. For patients looking for a faster way to get a straight, gorgeous smile, Dr. John Rink is proud to offer instant orthodontics at his Charleston practice. Using advanced CEREC® technology, Dr. Rink can create and place beautiful, natural-looking porcelain veneers and crowns in as little as one appointment. Contact our office today to learn more about how instant orthodontics can rejuvenate your smile.

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Instant orthodontics can improve your confidence in your smile.

Treatment Benefits

Instant orthodontics could be the right cosmetic solution to help you overcome unevenly aligned teeth. You are likely a candidate if you suffer from minor to moderate degrees of:

If you share one or more of these concerns, and do not want to commit to lengthy orthodontic therapy, instant orthodontics just might be your answer. Patients should keep in mind that traditional orthodontics are often recommended to adequately address more severe problems with alignment or bite patterns.

Your Individualized Treatment

Your instant orthodontics treatment will be tailored to meet your unique dental needs. First, an individualized treatment plan will be developed based on information gathered during your consultation. When you are ready to begin treatment, you will simply come in and our innovative in-office CEREC® machine will create your crowns or veneers. This process begins by having digital impressions taken of your teeth. These convenient impressions do not create the mess or discomfort often associated with traditional gel impressions. The impression information will then be directly fed into the milling machine, which can create your crowns or veneers while you wait. For patients who need several crowns or veneers, a second appointment may be required since the fabrication process might take a couple of days.

When your veneers and restorations are ready, they will be carefully placed flush with your existing teeth to look incredibly straight. For crown placement, the restoration will be fitted over the existing healthy portion of a tooth after it has been prepared. Veneer placement involves removing a very small amount of enamel, applying a bonding agent, and securing the veneer to the front surface of your tooth. In both cases, Dr. Rink will be sure that the integrity of your bite pattern is maintained, and your appearance looks completely natural.

Why Choose Instant Orthodontics?

Instant orthodontics can quickly reshape your smile into one of beauty. More and more patients are choosing instant orthodontics when they consider their unique advantages:

  • A much shorter treatment time than traditional orthodontics
  • Eliminate the need for uncomfortable brackets and wires
  • A highly effective treatment to rejuvenate the entire appearance of your smile
  • Can often be performed non-invasively with minimal to no discomfort
  • Can often be performed in only one to two visits to our office

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Learn more about enhancing your smile and boosting your confidence. Contact us today to schedule your instant orthodontics consultation.

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