No-prep Veneers Offer Convenient, Comprehensive Smile Rejuvenation

Smiling woman holding folded knees against chestIf you are considering veneers to quickly enhance the overall beauty of your smile, you may be curious about which type of veneer is right for you. Like traditional veneers, minimal- or no-prep veneers are porcelain shells that conceal minor cosmetic imperfections to give you a dazzling, memorable smile. Unlike traditional veneers, they require little to no alteration of the tooth's natural structure. This offers a number of benefits to the patient. Dr. John F. Rink is a renowned cosmetic dentist who can transform your smile with no-prep veneers at his Charleston practice. To learn more about enhancing your smile without a life-long cosmetic commitment, contact our office and schedule an appointment today.

A Convenient, Durable Treatment

No-prep veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. These translucent shells mimic the look and sheen of natural tooth enamel, while covering stains, chips, and other minor aesthetic imperfections.

This type of veneer can often be applied in just one simple visit. Since they require little to no alteration, patients may choose to remove their prep-less veneers without the need for another treatment, usually restorations, to strengthen the affected teeth. With proper care, your custom-crafted prep-less veneers could last up to 20 years.

The Placement Process

During your first no-prep veneers visit, Dr. Rink will assess your candidacy for treatment, explain the process, and take digital impressions of your teeth. If you are having a small number of veneers placed, you will simply relax in the waiting room while our advanced in-office CERC® machine crafts your restorations, customizing them to fit the shade and shape of your smile. If you are having several veneers placed, this fabrication process may take a few days, and you will return for a second visit for your veneer placement.

Once your ultra-thin veneers are ready, a very light etching will be made on the front of the teeth to facilitate bonding. Next, the veneers will be carefully attached to the teeth in a process that takes juts minutes. Your prep-less veneers will be fully functional after they are applied, and you can leave our office confident in your beautiful smile.

Determining Your Candidacy

Most patients with good oral health are candidates for prep-less veneers. The procedure can quickly and easily address a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. People who require traditional veneers or another type of treatment may be patients who:

  • Have severely cracked or worn-down teeth - In this case, more substantial restorative treatments that reinforce or replace damaged teeth, such as dental crowns, may be needed.
  • Are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment - Although veneers can correct slight misalignment, veneers are not compatible with future orthodontic treatment, which may be recommended for some patients.
  • Have teeth that are very close together or overlap - In such cases, tooth alteration may be required to accommodate the veneers, making patients better candidates for traditional veneers.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

During a consultation with Dr. Rink, we can help you decide if ultra-thin prep-less veneers are the right cosmetic solution for you. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about achieving the smile you have always wanted.

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