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By on December 08, 2009

What You Can Expect When Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened


The fear of the unknown often dissuades people from trying new things.  Getting one’s teeth professionally whitened is no different.  If you’re a bit nervous about getting the procedure done, read our article and learn a bit more about the process--from beginning to end.

Before the Treatment


Before you decide to get your teeth professionally whitened, there are a few things you need to do. First, a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is required to determine the cause of the discoloration of your teeth, as well as what can be done. There are some medical issues in which the whitening process will prove ineffective. It’s also important to know the degree to which your teeth can be whitened. Some people can expect one or two shades whiter while others may be able to realize a great degree of whitening. It’s important for your teeth to have been taken care of as they will not whiten teeth that have outstanding issues--such as broken caps and any type of gum disease. So take the time to meet with your dentist and plan for an effective teeth whitening treatment.  A little planning will definitely help give you the pearly whites that you want.

During the Treatment


If you opt for a professional whitening treatment, the dentist may make a special mouth tray just for you.  Some treatments, however, only require that the dentist apply a thick whitening gel over your teeth, which is then exposed to light for about 30 minutes or so.  If you choose commercially available home kits, you can get whiter teeth by simply using similar, less expensive (albeit also less effective) products over a longer period of time.  It may require wearing a mouth tray for at least 30 minutes a day which may seem cumbersome at first, and this may need to be done over several days. 

After the Treatment


No matter the treatment you have, you’ll typically notice that your teeth appear whiter than before. Professional teeth whitening usually renders the best results in terms of how much whiter your teeth will appear and it’s usually the fastest. Some common side effects you may experience temporarily after the whitening process are sore throat and sensitivity of your teeth to hot and cold foods. Regardless, most people love the results and say they would certainly do it again. Professional teeth whitening should not be done too frequently but one can certainly have it done every few years. Check with your Charleston dentist on the type of treatment you’re using and the recommended frequency.

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